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Hello world again

Tibor Szasz
October 2nd, 2019 · 1 min read

I had quite a few blogs in the past, but after I lost interest in writing them, the code base and/or the database got destroyed as well. One is still there in the old internet archives.

The cover picture was taken on a holiday in Crete, Greece. Interestingly that pattern coincides with my logo or monogram to be more precise. It was designed by Rob when he had an idea to launch a monogram-design-as-a-service. I still love it.

It’s tempting to predict what will I post here, but I’m afraid I would just look back at this post as wishful thinking. The headline on the main page of the blog is accurate though. I do want to use this to remove stuff from my brain that keeps circulating in my consciousness and a good old way to do this is just to simply write them down. Simple, right? Let’s see.

As a developer I can’t help to write shore one in an upcoming post about the path that lead me to settle on a static site generator, Gatsby.

Does this theme support YouTube embeds?

Oh great, it does, it just needs to be wrapped in a <p> tag.

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Hello world again

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