Tibor Szász

Web technology consultant, deep stack developer focusing on front-end with 10+ years experience, passionate about design, ux, music

Things I do

I craft software

Before writing a single line of code I carefully design my toolbelt for the job.

I do various frontend and backend projects which are mostly web realted, but I've also written music and destop software.

I write specs

The output of every good UX process is an actionable document. I've turned many vague client briefs into a functional specifications that developers and managers can both understand.

Fot me UX is not just a buzzword. I love to dismantle problems and build a solution that satisfies the needs.

I kickstart prototypes

Instead of hitting home runs at first attempt, prototyping is an invaluable method to test an idea before dedicating critical assets to a project.

I can create a variety of mockups: wireframes, paper based UIs, interactive online mockups, coded & functional proof of concepts, MVP-s.

Client projects

Coding Sans website

A world class software house focusing on JavaScript

Craft CMS + frontend

Total Cloud Consulting

Website for a company who provide AWS consulting

Craft CMS + frontend

Mosaik Space

A popular co-working space in Budapest

Craft CMS + frontend

ABC All Access

Comprehensive page for the sales team of ABC

WordPress + frontend


Full frontend for a shipping broker company

Full frontend

Personal projects

Stunn editor

Front-end, UX, PrototypingBackbone, Marionette, Underscore

Stunn editor is an HTML5 based online video editor that allows you to edit videos in the browser. This is still an active project of ours. My role was to create numerous prototypes and test it with users, iterate, design the codebase, implement the graphic designer's design from PSD.

Stunn presenter

Front-end, Back-end, UX, PrototypingSemantic UI, JavaScript Visit project

Presenter is a simple tool that allows you to create video presentations in your browser. You can upload your PDF slides, record your webcam stream and the service renders a branded, downloadable video from these inputs.


Back-end, Front-end, UX, PrototypingMooTools, AdobeAir, Bash Check demo video

I started this project in 2011. The basic idea was to provide a desktop music player that streams music from SoundCloud. It had a web crawler that explored the top 1000 music blogs. Fresh music was delivered to the spotlight tab.

The desktop interface, written in JavaScript + HTML + AdobeAir

Browser interface, bi-directional playlist syncing.
See a demo videoMobile prototype

Awesomizer 2000

Back-end, Front-endJavaScript, Node.js, Socket.io Check demo video

This is a hackathon project for the Media Hack Day event in 2014. Crazy idea: generate music videos on the fly synced to the beats. The dancing characters were changing on demand, when a connected smartphone was shaken. All this was created in 24 hours. I did all the code except the mobile app.

WebMIDI VJ experiment

Front-endJavaScript, Material design, Three.js See it in action

I love to play with cutting edge technologies and recently the WebMIDI API was implemented in Chrome. I occasionally make music and since I have a MIDI controller like this it was a no brainer to try it. I came up with a VJ experiment to control a visualization by moving faders on an external device.




JavaScript, React, Angular 4, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Underscore, SASS, LESS, Backbone, Socket.io, WebAudio, Canvas, Paper.js, Bootstrap, Material design, Polymer, Semantic UI ...


Python, Node.js, PHP5, Laravel, CodeIgniter, static site generators


React Native, PhoneGap, Ionic


WebGL, Three.js, Processing, C++, Structure synth, Java for generative art experiments


MySQL, SQLite, Parse.com


Git, GitHub, BitBucket, Gulp, Bower, NPM


Responsive design, SEO, semantic design, functional programming

Linux administration

Apache, Bash
(I'm still picking up these)



Amarok falka campaignIdea, development, specs

With the Rebel Rouse team, we won the advertising Oscar: the Platina Effie award in 2011. (see video)

Startup accelerators

I've been part of two accelerators, TechPeaks /Italy/ and Axel Springer Plug and Play /Berlin/.

Brands I worked with

BMW, Audi, VW, Nescafe, Cofidis, Kleenex, Mazda, LG (mobilarc), Dove, WeltAuto ...

Meetup talks

I gave numerous talks at the Budapest.JS Meetup about technologies: AdobeAir, MooTools, building a JS MVC framework, PHP code generation.